Established in 1980 under K.B.Y. Group, First and Foremost Enterprise has over 30 years experience in hosiery products. A professional hosiery exporter and manufacturer based in Taiwan, we mainly provide socks, stockings, pantyhose, and tights. We are strong at providing computer socks, pantyhose, and stockings. With passion to progress, we soon broaden product line to gloves, underwear, and functional shaping and slim. We entered global market with unequalled high-quality products. Now, our products reach Russia, Europe, America, as well as Australia, and especially dominate the Middle East market.

First and Foremost Enterprise cultivates strong business relationship with buyers and suppliers. Our clients, viewed as our business partners, are convinced by our high quality merchandise and willing to keep long-term and solid business relationship with us. We are able to provide a wide selection of customized products because of abundant resources and are an all-in-one exporter you may rely on.

We demand rigorous control of production line. We design trendy pattern of distinguished products. That is why we play a leading role in the hosiery products export market. Our mission has not changed. “Lead the fashion. Lead the market.”By our service, it is no longer difficult to find a qualified exporter that meets your needs. Our permanent goal is to create mutual business niche with you.